ZOMI Original Organic Ghana Red Palm Oil 1 Liter

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Ghana Natures Best 100% Pure and Natural Organic Zomi Red Palm Oil 1 Liter 2.20 lbs.

  • Original Ghana Zomi Red Palm Oil is a 100% unrefined Red Palm Oil with no additives or preservatives. It is made from the Palm Fruit.
  • Ghana Zomi Red Palm Oil contains a very small amount of added salt for taste and providing a unique spicy flavor
  • Ghana Zomi is Non-Hydrogenated and True Red Palm Oil
  • Vegetarian and Naturally Cholesterol Free

Original Ghana Zomi Red Palm Oil, is a deliciously rich red palm oil. A rich and flavor some alternative to our other purer red Palm Oil,  It provides a unique spicy flavor. Based on a recipe from the village in West Africa, a beautiful region in Ghana, it is produced using traditional hand-crafting methods unique to this region and handed down through generations.  Zomi red palm oil is an easy way to instantly add a rich authentic flavor to your dishes. It will enhance all your meals, from simple every day dinners to more substantial dishes for all special occasions and family celebrations.

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